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Our Everyday Heroes Don't Wear Capes | Reliant Air Conditioning

August 22, 2016

Not all heroes wear capes. Well, Reliant Man does. But the rest of our guys just so happen to make up for it by knowing a thing or two about AC repair and, more importantly, customer service. Meet Charles, Juan, and Matt, just a few of our everyday heroes around here at Reliant Air Conditioning, and they want you to know that there's an actual smile on the other end of the phone when you give us a call.

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How Do I Pay For My AC Replacement?

August 10, 2016

It's no secret - a new air conditioner is pretty expensive. These days, simple financing options are more important to our customers than ever, and we're determined to deliver. However, all of the finance options in the world don't matter if the system is overpriced to begin with. That's where our gimmick-free pricing and financing comes in.

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It's Time To Put Honesty Back In The HVAC Business

August 01, 2016

The way we do things around here at Reliant Air Conditioning always has been backed by our mantra, no gimmicks. Ever. We've built a reputation on this transparency that's lasted for over thirty years, and we simply wouldn't have it any other way.

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Our Painless HVAC System Replacement Process

July 15, 2016

Replacing an air conditioning system isn't fun. That's a fact.

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High Electric Bill? See The Reliant Difference!

July 12, 2016

Cha-ching! Hear that? Well, if you've got a new energy-efficient system from Reliant Air Conditioning, that's the sound of ridiculous savings on your summer energy costs following your AC replacement. What you won't hear, however, is the sound of that old system knocking and grinding and your significant other lamenting your monthly bill in the next room.

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